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Approved Ad; Fanfiction Awards

Ad Posted WITH Permission Of Moderator! 

If you love writing fanfiction or reading it, then read on, my good folks, 'cause I might know something that'll pique your interest. How would you like to receive awards for your fanfiction? It doesn't matter when you wrote it, only that you wrote it and that it's finished. If you can't write fanfiction or are too shy to, you can still be a judge for the fandom of your liking! Interested yet? Then read on, my good folks, read on!

This forum hosts Fanfiction Awards for any fandom, as long as the fandom has high demand, we've no problem hosting them!

For Writers:

Basic Rules

1. Nominations may only come from the author of the fanfic itself - not from someone else.

2. You may only nominate your fanfic in up to three categories at once. You can, however, nominate as many fanfics as you like at once.

3. No nominations will be accepted after the deadline date.

4. Fiction must be rated correctly. Also, the fic must have the author, title, pairing, and any warnings for things such as slash, character death, rape, etc in the warnings field. No fics will be accepted if they contain incest, racism, or that is deemed unaccepted by the owner of this site. Rape may be implied but never described. Use your judgment. The owner has the right to deny any entry for any reason without warning, notice, or said reason.

5. Your fanfic must be complete and not a work-in-progress. It can be a stand alone (short piece) or a multi-series.

For the full version of the rules (only 3 missing), go here.

Round #1

Nominations Taken From; September 29th 07 - January 1st, 08
Judging Done From; January 10th 08 - March 10th, 08

The following Fandoms are active and ready for fanfiction submissions: Angel: The Series, Battlestar Gallactica: 2003, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Doctor Who, Firefly/Serenity, Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy, Hercules/Xena, Heroes, Mutant X, Pitch Black, Roswell, Titanic and Torchwood.

Fandoms that will soon be added:
The 4400, Alias, Ally McBeal, Andromeda, A-Team, Anita Blake, Armageddon, Babylon 5, The Batman Series (movies), Bionic Woman, Blade Series (movies), The Blade Series (tv show), Bones, The Bridget Jones Diary Series (movies), The Bourne Series, Center Stage, Coyote Ugly, Crossing Jordan, Covenant, The CSI series, Dark Angel, Daughters of the Moon, Dead Like Me, Degrassi, Dharma & Greg, The Dresden Files, E.R., Eureka, Ever After, Ever World, Farscape, Flash Gordan (2007), Friends, The Fifth Element, General Hospital, Ghost Whisperer, Gossip Girls, The Harry Potter Series, Hellboy, The Holiday, House, M.D., Instant Star, JAG, King Arthur, The L Word, The Law and Order Series, The Lord of the Rings Series (movies), LOST, The Matrix Series, The Mists of Avalon (movie), The Mummy Series, Nip/Tuck, NUMB3RS, The O.C., One Tree Hill, The Pirates of the Caribbean Series, The Pretender, The Princess Diaries Series (books), The Princesss Diaries (movies), Private Practice, Psych, Quantum Leap, Real Ghostbusters, Reaper, Rome, Sailor Moon, Scrubs, Sex and the City, Smallville, South of Nowhere, The Spiderman Series (movies), Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1, The Star Trek Series, The Star Wars Series, The Stephanie Plum Series, Supernatural, The Tutors (tv show), Ugly Betty, The Underworld Series, V is for Vendetta, Veronica Mars, The X-Files Series (tv show), The X-Men Series.

Fandoms that need to be voted for in order to be added:
A Different World, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Beastmaster, Beverly Hills, 90210, Bewitched, Brothers & Sisters, Charlie's Angels, Criminal Minds, Desperate Housewives, Earth 2, E-Ring, Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Ties, Felicity, Twilight Zone, The High School Musical Series, Twilight (books), The Shrek Series, The Resident Evil Series, The Back to the Future Series, Gladator, The Die Hard Series, The Gone With The Wind Series, The Birds Of Prey, Casino, The James Bond Series, The Kill Bill Series, Shaun of the Dead, Sin City, The Nightmare on Elm Street Series, The Indiana Jones Series, The Departed, The Alien Series, The Halloween Series, The Monty Python Series, The Terminator Series, Pulp Fiction, Casinova (new version), The Godfather Series (movies), Adventuers in Babysitting, Roseanne, Wonderfalls, Sliders, Prison Break, Poltergeist: The Legacy (tv show), Point Plesesant, Queer As Folk, The Riches, Seinfield, Will & Grace, Sabrina; The Teenage Witch, Reba, Once & Again, Party of Five, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Now And Again, The Office, The Nanny, The Lexx Series, The Adventures of Lois & Clark, Judging Amy, The Superman Series (movies), Author Terry Brooks': Magic Kingdom For Sale - Sold! Series, Author Terry Brooks': Shannara Series, Author Piers' Anthony's: Xanth Series, The Highlander Series (movies) The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy (movie), Highlander: The Raven (tv show), Kyle XY, How I Met Your Mother, Jake 2.0, Cleopatra 2525, Jack Of All Trades, Jericho (2006), V: The Series, Growing Pains, Without A Trace, NCIS, Hex, The 10th Kingdom, E-Ring, Full House, 8 Simple Rules For Dating my Teenage Daughter, Earth 2, The Closer (2005), Earth; Final Conflict.

If you don't see the fandom of your liking listed above, you could simply nominate it!

For Judges:

You CAN NOT become a judge in a category you've submitted a fanfic for.
You may ONLY sign up to be a judge for THREE categories in EACH fandom but UP to SIX categories TOTAL in ALL fandoms.

Judging Requirements

1. You MUST read ALL the fics in your category.
2. You MUST give your HONEST opinions, no popular voting.
When reading fanfics, all judges, must give a small paragraph of feedback and the feedback has to be positive in some way. No negative. Even if you disliked it, find something you liked to give to the author. We're not here to rip the authors to shreds, we're here to try to encourage. Sure, we aren't perfect, but there is good in everything and everyone deserves feedback.

Graphic Makers:

Because we have *SO* many fandoms, it would be great if someone were willing to make banners for the fandom of their choosing and the categories found therein. To save you trouble, the Admins can accept the pre-made banners with just the name of the fandom and category, and once the winners are announced, we'll place the name of the winner ourselves. If you think you can handle it, you can do it yourself, but it'd be just fine for us to do it for you.



If you'd like to affiliate with us, you can do so in two ways.

Fill out this info:

Site Name:
Info (What the site/comm is about and/or for):
Other (button, etc):

And we'll put your site in a thread for our affiliates, or, you can submit a button (Maximum size is 88x31; basic button size) and we'll add it to the scroll at the bottom of the page. Whatever fits you best. If you don't have a button, we can add you to our supporters list with a link instead.

The only thing we ask in return is that you affiliate us as well, by putting our button and link somewhere in your site. That simple.

E-mail me your info at gabby(at)gabbysfic(dot)com or simply leave a comment!

Interested? About time!
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